Matthew J. Frock, Artist

My art work is inspired by history, current events, humanity and the natural world. I'm fascinated by what humans have achieved and the attrocities they have committed through out history. I am interested in our perception of nature and all the beings on this planet that are not human. Likewise, I'm interested in the way we treat each other.

My art practice is a spiritual endeavor as much as it is intellectual. Through out my career I've attempted to educate people and inspire enlightenment by drawing attention to the flaws and bias within our perception of historic and current events. The function of beauty is to restore a sense of peace to the viewer. When I produce art work I often hope it will lift the burden of otherness from the viewer and envoke a sense of belonging and oneness.

In this way, my work shapes my identity as artist, student, and advocat for the natural world. History provides a nearly endless wealth of data regarding our arrival to this moment and frames current events with tragic clarity - a perfect fuel for endless inspiration in the studio.